Services we offer

From environmental planning to hazardous materials management and everything in between, our team is equipped to provide you with innovative and effective environmental solutions. Talk to us.


Aquifer Assessment and Testing

Whether you need water for your business or want to get rid of it because it’s in your way, PGL can assess the groundwater in your area and provide cost effective solutions.

Our services include:

  1. Aquifer identification and testing for potable water supplies, irrigation, snow making.
  2. Construction dewatering and depressurization to maintain safe working conditions
  3. Quarry and mine dewatering
  4. Groundwater taking and discharge permits

Need a Groundwater License?

What the heck is an aquifer?  What does stream connectivity mean?  What is the Water Sustainability Act?

PGL can help you navigate through the new groundwater licensing program and ensure you obtain a water license quickly and painlessly.

Groundwater and Surface Water Impact Assessments

PGL’s Environmental Assessment group can identify and assess potential impacts to water resources.

Our services include:

  1. Designing and executing groundwater and surface water baseline studies.
  2. Completing impact assessment for groundwater and surface water.
  3. Long term water resource monitoring
  4. Environmental Assessment Certificate and Mines Act and Environmental Management Act permitting.
  5. Review of EA Certificate applications on behalf of First Nations.

Aquifer Mapping

Are you a municipality and want to better understand and manage the groundwater resources in your area?  Are you concerned climate change may affect the water resources in your area?

PGL can map ground and surface water resources and advise on sustainable use of water resources.