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Contaminated site issues can be complex because of the variety and type of variables involved. The combination of science, regulatory, and economic factors surrounding contamination in ground, water, or air often can often create very difficult puzzles.

Our Contaminated Sites team is comprised of individuals with highly developed investigation, assessment, and remediation skills and considerable industry experience. They create and implement practical, cost-effective solutions for all types of contaminants of a variety of locations, including sensitive areas, such as land adjacent to water bodies. Having superior insight produces results on many sites which initially seemed impossible to manage.

Our Contaminated Sites services include:

Phase 1: Environmental Site Assessment

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Phase 2: Environmental Site Assessment

A PGL Phase 2 ESA is a practical, cost-effective, investigative program our consultants use to generate a detailed analysis of findings and provide sound technical advice on any next steps.

This involves designing and implementing an investigation and sampling program aimed at confirming the presence or absence of environmental contamination. Samples are analyzed to identify contaminants that may be possible risks at the site. Our evaluation is based on criteria, guidelines, and regulations that apply to the site. If contamination is identified, options on how to conduct a more in-depth analysis of the site to define the extent of contamination are presented. The results of this detailed site investigation will allow our technical experts to determine the best, most cost-effective options for remediation.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessments identify the potential impact of contaminants from past, present, and future activities/developments on human and environmental health. Risk assessments can be used to help identify areas which require remediation and/or can be used to demonstrate that contaminants do not pose a risk in the environment. We have completed many assessments of potential risks from industrial sites and human activities to aquatic, terrestrial and human environments.

Contaminated Site Remediation

We set ourselves apart from competitors by providing you with innovative site remediation design and implementation programs. We have successfully completed an extensive range of projects by applying advanced scientific insight and regulatory expertise to the collection, disposal and storage of a wide variety of contaminants and locations. Our solutions consider all aspects of science, regulatory requirements and client objectives.

Projects have ranged from the clean-up of fuel tanks on residential properties and commercial gas station sites to the management of contamination at large industrial chemical dumps, parts manufacturing plants and historic wood preservation facilities.

Fuel Storage Tank Removal

Storage tank removal is a major environmental issue. Over the years there have been many abandoned and leaking underground fuel storage tanks (heating oil, gasoline, diesel, waste oil, etc.) on commercial, industrial, and residential properties.

Fuel from these tanks has seeped into the surrounding ground causing human health concerns and environmental (soil and groundwater) impact, as well as significantly affecting the financial value of the property.

We have decommissioned hundreds of storage tanks on a variety of sites. Our extensive experience with this issue ensures you’ll receive the most experienced and cost-effective solution.