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From environmental planning to hazardous materials management and everything in between, our team is equipped to provide you with innovative and effective environmental solutions. Talk to us.

Environmental Audits

Environmental Audits

Our team of ISO 14001 certified environmental auditors helps you meet your regulatory and due diligence requirements for environmental audits. Using only senior auditors, we provide a broad base of operational experience, as well as strong, in-depth knowledge of local, provincial and federal regulations to support your audit. Our regulatory database allows us to cost-effectively develop the necessary audit protocols for your industry

Environmental Management Systems

We have developed a customizable Environmental Management System (EMS) program for those companies that own or manage property leased to others and need an effective method to reduce their environmental risk and liability. These proven programs help reduce the risk of a tenant creating an environmental problem and help you avoid liability for a tenant’s actions. Landlords cannot monitor all their tenants’ actions and so must rely on a protocol that clearly establishes tenant responsibilities and landlord due diligence.

With environmental responsibility placed on the tenant, our EMS program helps ensure that a tenant’s operation complies with environmental laws and determines that the tenant has contingency plans in place should an environmental issue arise. Our program has become an environmental “best management practice” for property owners as part of their environmental due diligence.