Services we offer

From environmental planning to hazardous materials management and everything in between, our team is equipped to provide you with innovative and effective environmental solutions. Talk to us.

Agricultural Services

From soil surveys to agricultural impact assessments and everything in between, our team is equipped to provide you with innovative, effective and environmentally sound solutions. PGL staff have over 40 years collective experience in soil science/agrology.

Strategic Advice

We regularly work with clients on evaluating the feasibility of ALC variances, and developing strategies to put the best foot forward in this difficult regulatory regime and climate.

Soil Surveys and Agrologist Reports

Soil surveys and Agrologist reports form the basic information for an agricultural capability assessment, agricultural impact assessment or reclamation plan. PGL’s has extensive experience preparing detailed soil surveys throughout Canada and many other parts of the world. Our reports can assess a property’s agricultural capability/suitability, identify crop suitability as well as non-soil bound agricultural suitability.

Agricultural Impact Assessments

For projects within the ALR, Agricultural Impact Assessments (AIA) are required to identify the severity of potential impacts mitigation measures to offset these effects.

Reclamation Plans

The ALC may require agricultural reclamation and monitoring plans for impacted lands from non-farm uses ranging from oil production facilities to filling or gravel extraction. Reclamation can offer land swap opportunities, address damage related to non-agricultural uses and address non-compliance.

Regulatory Submissions

We regularly prepare regulatory submissions related to for non-farm uses, filling, extraction, aggregate mining, utilities, powerlines and other linear structures planned in the ALC.  PGL has the experience to guide your project through the municipal, regional, provincial and federal processes.