Services we offer

From environmental planning to hazardous materials management and everything in between, our team is equipped to provide you with innovative and effective environmental solutions. Talk to us.

Property Due Diligence

In addition to our Phase 1 Environmental Site Investigation service, we also provide reliable environmental due diligence services to lenders, purchasers, lawyers, Boards of Directors and underwriters who need to make informed and timely strategic decisions on property matters.

From single-family homes to corporate transactions valued at tens of millions of dollars, we provide expert knowledge of potential environmental risks for all types of projects. We can present our findings and recommendations within tight time constraints and we can accommodate special financial, legal and insurance concerns. Our reports are easy to understand and focus on your specific needs.

Expert Witness Testimony/Litigation Support

We routinely provide trusted technical litigation support and testimony in court, arbitration and administrative tribunals. We also have specific experience advising business arbitration tribunals.

Second Opinion Reviews

Our expert opinions on other consultants’ reports are objectively provided without the distraction of professional differences, offering concise and practical advice to support your decision process. We have also proven to be very successful at combining information from a number of sources to generate a complete overview of property conditions. In BC, our experience as a designated external reviewer for the Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection means that we can better anticipate regulatory reaction.