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What Does an Environmental Consultant Do?

Just in case you have never hired an environmental consultant or you have, but are wondering what it is that you are paying one to do, here is a quick explanation according to us.

An environmental consultant is typically someone with a background in plant, animal, soil, water, air or engineering who knows the ins and outs of environmental regulations, understand the processes and technical issues, and the implications to the clients business. At least the good ones.

They can work as individuals or as part of a larger team that we assemble for clients, or that clients assemble.   The context could range from soil, water or air quality to species habitat protection.

The specialized knowledge of an environmental consultant includes a unique combination of applied science or engineering, industry or commercial experience, and government regulatory insight.

An environmental consultant helps the client meet the existing and potential environmental requirements and represents both the interests of the client and the intent of the regulations.

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