How We Work

Against all modern marketing mantras that stridently maintain “it’s all about the client”, we think that all things start, in fact, with staff.

We are strong believers in the effect of corporate culture on client satisfaction and the positive results of a collaborative working environment. If you don’t work people like slaves, they can bring imagination and intensity to the work.

The way it works is that we find/choose and cultivate people who thrive in our environment which in turn translates into great results for our clients. So, ya, ya, it is all about clients.

Create a great working environment.

Staff at PGL are more than a team – we are a village. And like any good village, we support and are considerate of each other in work and in life, and take great pride in tackling the most difficult challenges together with our clients, suppliers and each other.

We always have an eye for being creative, distinct, and connected.

We have agreed on a simple but strong set of core-values to bind us, which we try as hard as we can not to waver from. And it works.

Choose good people.

While good technical skill and broad industry experience is of primary importance, we also look for other specific qualities and characteristics when we choose to add a person to our work community. So they fit, stay and flourish.

Foremost, a PGLer is smart, helpful, earnest, friendly, dependable, and resourceful. We have found that this type of person is dynamic, motivated, customer oriented and fun to be around.

In fact, we hope that this type of person finds and chooses us.

Support them.

When people stay at a firm because they fit, there are all kinds of benefits. They know the system, they know what to expect from each other, and the repeat clients can find the person they knew. They become integral to the success of the village and clients’ projects. A physically, mentally and emotionally positive environment with accountability is what we strive for.

Everyone is encouraged to share their ideas and suggestions for improving our company.

We offer training in project management, writing, communication, business development and health & safety as well as technical skills.

Our offices have many of the modern comforts, conducive business and social meeting areas, and are situated close to where our staff live or can easily access through their preferred form of transit (bicycles are big!).

Our compensation is good and fair, but we don’t stay because of the money.

They do great work.

Mostly, the technical parts of environmental projects are pretty much the same no matter what company does them. Where it goes from mundane to great is:

  • project management: managing budget, schedule, communication and expectations
  • insight/pragmatism: knowing what isn’t necessary, as well as what is
  • relationship: clients are people, too
  • writing/talking for the audience: regulator speak for regulators, plain English for everyone else

And clients are satisfied.

We can tell, because so many come back.