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We’ve worked extensively for leading Canadian forestry companies. Our broad range of services can cover any of your specialized requirements. Our people can conduct a full assessment of your properties to provide you with a ‘snapshot’ of your environmental risks and related costs for budgeting or sales purposes.

Our work has included:

  • environmental assessments/audits of log sorts, plywood plants, saw mills, pulp mills, remote forestry camps, wood lots, etc.
  • ISO 14000 pre-certification audits of a variety of wood products facilities
  • Environmental liabilities assessment to meet accounting requirements of asset retirement
  • decommissioning of mills including remediation of historical contamination including wood treatment chemicals
  • preparing properties for sale or redevelopment by obtaining the required Ministry of Environment approvals
  • conducting fish and fish habitat mapping

We also collect climate data at several sites in British Columbia for the Ministry of Forests. Climate change can have a significant impact on forest growth and health, as well as agricultural production. This valuable climate information can be used to develop more effective forest management practices to safeguard our forests and wildlife.