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First Nations

We’re proud to have worked with over sixty First Nations’ communities in remote and urban locations for over a decade. First Nations have a rich cultural heritage and a special relationship with the land and water, a relationship we respect with all our projects. We appreciate the importance that First Nations place on environmental sustainability, land use and community growth.

We’re well experienced in working with communities and the federal government on First Nations’ lands. This works towards completing successful projects that meet both the community’s goals and governmental requirements.

Our approach of complete consultation with leaders, council members and the community ensures that the community’s goals are met on all projects. Our work with First Nations’ communities has involved:

  • technical reviews of Environmental Assessments (EA)
  • managing lands and resources for the future
  • community planning for growth and development
  • protecting fishing, forestry and hunting areas
  • training First Nations for specific projects
  • removing and replacing fuel storage systems
  • incorporating traditional use values in EA
  • regulatory advice

Part of our work has included hiring interested First Nations’ students or adults as part of various projects to support capacity building and we will continue this practice whenever possible.