Zayed started his career in science hoping to do the kind of work that could be featured in National Geographic. While working on contaminated sites investigations in the Canadian arctic he was once interviewed for Canadian Geographic…so pretty good.

Zayed has over 10 years of experience in contaminated site assessment and remediation and is a Professional Agrologist, and also member of the Contaminated Sites Approved Professionals Society of BC. He has worked for a large variety of clients and industries, and has become a go-to technical resource at PGL. His in-depth knowledge of BC’s regulatory regime often leads to innovative solutions that decrease the cost of our client’s environmental approvals.

In recent years Zayed has made something of a specialty of managing urban development projects from due diligence and purchase through to final regulatory approval. His clients appreciate his friendliness, clear communication, and responsiveness.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Zayed enjoys typical Vancouverite pursuits: kayaking and hiking the summer, skiing in the winter, and reading a book leaning on a log at the beach.


  • Real Estate
  • Property Development
  • Property Management
  • Insurance and Financial
  • Forestry
  • Transportation
  • Downstream Oil and Gas
  • First Nations and government