Mike is an environmental scientist whose experience has been focused on risk assessments, environmental impact assessments, and environmental site assessments. Other than a 5 year break for grad school, he has been an environmental consultant since 1989.    He has served as Senior Review, Project Manager, and Technical Specialist on numerous projects involving the execution of environmental site investigations and human health/ecological risk assessments, evaluation of risk management strategies, and environmental assessments of proposed energy and mining projects.

Mike has worked on numerous sites, on behalf of the property owner or neighbouring parties, including dry cleaners, service stations, landfills, sawmills, mines, and chemical processing/distribution facilities.

While not a procrastinator and someone who tends to be quite pragmatic, Mike is drawn towards his hammock. This translates into someone who is solution-oriented and pushes to obtain closure for clients so they, too, can enjoy their hammock.


  • Property developers
  • Property managers and realtors
  • First Nations and government