Keith is a contaminated sites guy, from due diligence Phase 1s through remediation to Certificates of Compliance. As a professional engineer with over 35 years of combined industrial and consulting experience, he brings a hands-on, practical approach to solving clients’ environmental problems without breaking the bank.

Keith’s client base includes some of BC’s biggest developers, large transportation companies and forestry companies. His clients, many with him for over 15 years, see him as part of their development team. He provides critical advice on property purchase and price negotiations where environmental liabilities turn up.

Keith also looks after PGL’s agricultural, composting and waste management area, in part based on his experience managing environment at a Vancouver area paper plant.

If the site is contaminated Keith and his team provide all the necessary remediation and support. Keith and his team support the entire process from beginning to end.  And then he plays golf.  In Thailand, preferably.